The Weekend Series

Are you tired of the consumerism, materialism, overspending and frantic scheduling that dominate Christmas in our culture?

If so, you are ready for A Different Kind of Christmas. You’re ready for a Christmas that is focused on Jesus, and his purpose for coming to earth. You’re ready for a Christmas that won’t be perfect—but it’s a better Christmas, because Jesus is here.

This weekend series is all about A Different Kind of Christmas—the kind of Christmas we’re all waiting for. Invite your friends every weekend, because there’s no better way to share God’s love in December.

Saturdays at 5pm
Sundays at 9:30am and 11am

Message Topics

Why Christmas? (December 1-2)
I Wish You a Messy Christmas 
(December 8-9)
It’s a Party When Jesus Shows Up
(December 15-16)
Christmas at Crossroads Candlelight Services 
(December 23-24)
A Different Road
(December 29-30)

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Series Resources

Part 1: Why Christmas?
John Smith

Listen | Watch | Notes

Part 2: I Wish You a Messy Christmas
Dennis Anderson

Listen | Watch | Notes

Part 3: It’s a Party When Jesus Shows Up
John Smith

Listen | Notes

Part 4: Christmas at Crossroads
John Smith

Listen | Watch

Part 5: A Different Road
Dennis Anderson