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  • Current Weekend Series
    Current Weekend Series

    June 6-27, 2015.
    Everybody loves being happy, so why is it so hard to stay that way? Learn what the Bible teaches about dealing with our feelings, and discover how to take control of your emotions before they take control of you.

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    Thursday-Friday, August 6-7.
    Through The Global Leadership Summit, you have access to a world-class faculty that brings incredible depth and breadth of leadership talent, perspective and insight.

  • Summer Classes and Studies
    Summer Classes and Studies

    Our classes and studies offer opportunities for individuals to growth spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally.

  • Summer 2015
    Summer 2015

    We are offering summer camps for four age groups: Seeds, ages 4 years-entering kindergarten. Sprouts, ages 1st-3rd grade. Roots, ages 4th-5th grade. Outta Bounds, students entering 6th-9th grade.