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  • Current Weekend Series
    Current Weekend Series

    July 26-August 31,2014.
    We share our favorite verses because we naturally want to offer encouragement to others, talk about what we are learning, and grow in our faith. Join Crossroads as we celebrate the most tweeted, liked, texted and emailed verses in the Bible. You will discover the viral verses, and learn what they really mean for your life.

  • Spanish Language Service
    Spanish Language Service

    Sundays, 1pm.
    Led by Pastor Tomas Quiñonez, this worship service meets weekly at Crossroads. Join us for music, a message, and programs for children of all ages.

  • Next Weekend Series
    Next Weekend Series

    September 6 – October 5, 2014.
    In this fun and practical series, Crossroads confronts five widely held beliefs that are both dumb and dangerous. Get ready to be shocked, relieved and inspired, because the truth is meant to set us free, not hurt us.

  • Daily Verse by Text
    Daily Verse by Text

    Join us for interactions through the Crossroads Verse of the Day. Text “verse” to 970.744.4094, or find the verse every day on our Facebook and Twitter feed. #dailyversecrossroads